As the vaccination pass will be abolished as of 14 March, anyone who has not been vaccinated can access the FIAP. The mask will no longer be compulsory.


The reception is open 24 hours a day; people can arrive at any time.

Dinner is served between 6.30 and 8.30 pm

Breakfast is served between 7am and 9am


Registration Monday 14 from 10.00 am

Resgistration Tuesday 15 from 8.00 am


The ‘Rencontres de l'Ichtyologie en France’ (RIF) are organised by the Société Française d'Ichtyologie (SFI). The purpose of the RIF is to disseminate knowledge and promote ichthyology in all its aspects: biology, biodiversity, ecology, genetics, evolution, fisheries, etc. of both freshwater and marine fish. They also aim to encourage young French-speaking ichthyologists in doctoral or post-doctoral training to express themselves orally and in print. This exercise is framed by guest lectures from established colleagues. Conferences organised at the end of the afternoon or in the evening provide an opportunity to discuss ichthyology in a convivial setting via films or animations on the themes of fish in their environment or the use of fish.

Special sessions

Session 1: Population genetics, environment DNA
Session 2: The French Overseas
Session 3: Alien species in marine and freshwater environments
Session 4: Paleoichthyology

Regular sessions

Session 5: Systematic, Evolution
Session 6: Ecology, Behaviour, Conservation
Session 7: Fisheries, Aquaculture
Session 8: Contamination, Ecotoxicology, Fish health
Session 9: Nutrition, Reproduction, Physiology

Guest speakers


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